Principal Investigator, 2021-2022, The Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning, Institute for Society, National Science Foundation: Smart and Connected Communities Program (co-PIs Theo Lim, Chris North, Alec Smith, and Petra Hurtado), $150,000.

Principal Investigator, 2021-2022, The Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning, Institute for Society, Culture and Environment (ISCE): Scholars Program, Virginia Tech, $30,000.

Co-Principal Investigator, 2018-2020, Fairfax County Moving to Work (MTW) Evaluation, Fairfax County, VA, $100,257.

Co-Principal Investigator, 2015-2016, Addressing the Impact of Housing Affordability for Virginia’s Economy, Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of Governor Terence R. McAuliffe, $615,000 (Virginia Center for Housing Research – PI).

Co-Investigator, 2009-2011, Practical Approaches for Involving Traditionally Underserved Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking, NCHRP Project 08-72, $396,000 (The Louis Berger Group, Inc. – PI).

Co-Principal Investigator, 2008-2012, Matrix, Models, Census: Geographic Information, Maps, Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services, $100,000.

Principal Investigator, 2008-2012, Best Practices Research Papers, Regulations and Policies, Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services, $100,000.

Principal Investigator, 2008-2009, Crowdsourcing Public Participation in Transit Planning, Federal Transit Administration, $115,000.

Principal Investigator, 2007-2008, Enhancing Public Participation in Regional Public Transportation Planning: Innovative Practices Survey, Knowledge Networks, and Incentives Model, Federal Transit Administration, $149,873.

Co-Principal Investigator, 2007-2010, National Study on Car-Less and Special Needs Evacuation Planning, Federal Transit Administration, $415,000 (John L. Renne, University of New Orleans – Co-PI).

Co-Investigator, 2007-2010, Environmental Justice Toolkit, Federal Transit Administration, $386,093 (Glenn Robinson, Morgan State University – PI).

Principal Investigator, 2005-2006, Housing and Transportation: An Affordability Tradeoff for Working Families and Their Communities? Center for Neighborhood Technology/Center for Housing Policy, $24,512.

Co-Principal Investigator, 2004-2005, The New Submarkets: Mapping Office Space in Edgeless Cities, National Association of Realtors, $25,000 (Robert E. Lang – PI).

Co-Principal Investigator, 2004-2005, The Effect of Urban Containment on Neighborhood and Housing Quality, Fannie Mae Foundation, $25,000 (Arthur C. Nelson—PI).

Principal Investigator, 2004-2009, Journal of the American Planning Association – Review Editor, $100,000.

Principal Investigator, 2004-2005, Effects of MPO Representation on Transportation Spending And Project Selection, Brookings Institution, $7,500.

Principal Investigator, 2004-2005, Reality Check on Growth Regional Growth Visioning, Urban Land Institute, $30,000.

Principal Investigator, 2004, Neighborhood Watch National Database, National Sherriff’s Association, $10,000.

Research Associate, 2002-2003, Urban Containment Programs and the Vulnerability of Infrastructure to Hazards: Are Cities Being Engineered to be Safe as Well as Smart? National Science Foundation, $149,995 (Raymond J. Burby – PI).

Co-Principal Investigator, 2001, Social Determinants of Leukemia Incidence in Oregon, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University, Faculty Research Award, $14,000.

Principal Investigator, 2000-2002, Transit Mobility, Jobs Access, and Low-Income Labor Participation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, National Science Foundation, $165,000.

Principal Investigator, 2000-2002, Rural Public Transportation: Using Geographic Information Systems to Guide Service Planning, Transportation Northwest and Oregon Department of Transportation, $92,705.

Principal Investigator, 2000, Canby Community Transportation Needs Survey, City of Canby, OR, $6,000.

Co-Principal Investigator, 1999-2000, Estimating Induced Travel Demand in the 1995 NPTS, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $85,000 (James Strathman – PI).

Principal Investigator, 1998-2000, Highway Improvement Land Use and Growth Impacts, Oregon Department of Transportation, $168,000.

Co-Principal Investigator, 1998-1999, An Analysis of Neighborhood Revitalization: The Role of Local Civic Organizations, Faculty Enhancement Grant Program, Portland State University, $3,600.

Research Associate, 1998-1999, Automated Bus Dispatching, Operations Control, and Transit Service Reliability, TransNow, $35,000 (James Strathman – PI).

Research Associate, 1996-1997, Access Management Awareness Program, Iowa Department of Transportation, Engineering Division, $250,000 (Thomas Maze – PI).

Research Associate, 1997, Multimodal Investment Analysis Methodology, Iowa Department of Transportation, $89,398.

Co-Principal Investigator, 1996-1997, Alternative Approaches to Providing Passenger Transportation in Low Density Cities: The Case of Council Bluffs, Iowa, City of Council Bluffs and the Iowa Department of Transportation, $50,000.

Principal Investigator, 1996, Monitoring Aircraft Activity at Un-towered Airports, Iowa Department of Transportation, $20,000.

Principal Researcher, 1995-1996. Sustainable Projects Database Design Evaluation, National Parks Service, $35,000.

Principal Investigator, 1995. Special Research Initiation Grants Competition, Iowa State University, Office of the Vice President for Research, $6,000.

Principal Investigator, 1994-1996, Equity Implications and Impacts of Personal Transportation Benefits on Urban Form, Doctoral Dissertation Grant Program, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, $15,000.

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