10 days until TechniCity

The increasing availability of networks, sensors and mobile technologies allows for new approaches to address the challenges that our cities face. The way we understand cities is undergoing sweeping transformation, right along with the analytical tools we use to design our cities and the communication tools we use to engage people. Absorbing, studying and understanding the role of technology from a critical viewpoint allows us to generate creative ideas for improving our cities.

There are over 16,000 students signed up for the course from all around the world.



This course begins by examining how our cities are changing. We then jump into how technology is used to engage with the public to support decision-making. Students will be examining tools for analyzing the city. Then we move into exploring the infrastructure that makes the real-time, technologically-enhanced city possible. And rounding out the course is an exploration of entrepreneurial urbanism, looking at how creativity can spawn technological innovation. You’ll hear from technological innovators and thought leaders about all of these topics. The course is being taught by Jennifer Evans-Cowley from Ohio State University (@evanscowley on Twitter) and Tom Sanchez from Virginia Tech (@tomwsanchez on Twitter). You can learn more as this course develops on  Dr. Evans-Cowley’s blog and Dr. Sanchez’s TechniCity blog.  You can see more information about the course at: https://www.coursera.org/course/techcity.

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