Age of Urban Planning Program Faculty and Citation Activity (cont.)

Bruce Stiftel commented, “Seeing this with Program as the unit of analysis is really interesting. It would also be of interest to see a similar analysis with the individual faculty as unit of analysis.” Below is the chart showing individual faculty data. The trajectory during the promotion and tenure period (< 20 years) is quite notable.

He also commented, “What would really be helpful to know are citation rates for a recent time period: say 5, 7 or ten years. And, especially recent citations to recent publications. I realize these numbers are a lot harder to determine, but they reflect the active impact of our colleagues better than aggregations that include citations made many years ago, and citations to research published many years ago.” This is a great idea and I’m planning to include it in my summer update. Stay tuned.

Thanks Bruce.

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  1. Fascinating, Tom. Thank you for such a quick response to my comment from yesterday. Interesting how the individual citation curve does not curve upward at the high end as the school curve does. I very much look forward to what you add this summer. Bruce

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