UK and Ireland Planning Faculty Citations

*** Update 4/10/2020 ***

Thanks to Alasdair Rae for providing updated faculty roster information for the University of Sheffield. I managed to miss several of their faculty and have added them to the table below.


I recently collected Google Scholar Citation Profile data for UK and Ireland planning faculty to make comparisons with U.S. and Canada planning faculty. As it turns out, of approximately 600 faculty from 22 schools (schools listed by the Royal Town Planning Institute), only around 40 UK faculty (6.7%) have GS profiles (compared to nearly 60% for U.S./Canada faculty). Due to the lack of comparable data I decided to only list what I could find, without analysis or comparison.

Anglia Ruskin University
Birmingham City University
David Higgins26512
Cardiff University
Andrew Flynn3,96727
Brian Webb1759
Neil Harris69114
Andrew Williams59311
Richard Gale2,86316
Robert Huggins7,02244
Roberta Sonnino4,42330
Dublin Institute of Technology
Heriot-Watt University
Peter McCallum2324
David Paul Jenkins2,15324
Sarah R Payne62612
Leeds Beckett University
London South Bank University
Newcastle University
Andrew Law1566
Carlos Calderon37111
Stephen Graham23,93562
Oxford Brookes University
Graham Wood49012
Christos Vidalakis3469
Plymouth University
David FL Jenkins71816
Queen's University Belfast
Linda Price47311
Philip Boland90215
Richard Waldron1546
Stephen McKay2149
Sheffield Hallam University
Rebecca Sharpe3647
University College Cork
University College Dublin
Mark Scott2,12425
Mick Lennon62713
Brendan Williams80715
University College London
Andrew Jones2,13121
Stephen Marshall3,19422
Susan Moore4779
Jo Williams1,55220
Ben Clifford2739
University of Birmingham
David Adams3839
John Round2,06325
Peter Lee1,12118
University of Liverpool
Chia-Lin Chen4458
University of Manchester
Nuno Pinto2257
Richard Kingston2,84520
Mark Baker1,32117
University of Reading
University of Sheffield
Philipp Horn1266
Sarah Payne957
Stephen Connelly1,25214
Tom Goodfellow1,08218
Rowland Atkinson12,92543
Malcolm Tait81215
Paul Meth90913
Liz Sharp1,05018
Ryan Powell1,07919
Alasdair Rae72116
University of West England
William (Billy) Clayton2038
Ben Clark45011
University of Westminster

It would be great to hear from those on the list (or not on the list) if you have corrections and additions. Please contact me at

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