Total Citations by Rank for Urban Planning Scholars

Using the updated data mentioned in my previous post, I recalculated the citation ranges for assistant, associate, and full professors. There were 268 assistant professors (mean of 364 and median of 174 citations), 353 associate professors (mean of 922 and median of 540 citations), and 406 full professors (mean of 3,526 and median of 1,753 citations). For all 1,027 planning faculty, the mean number of citations was 1,806 and the median was 607.

R code for the chart above:

boxplot(Cites2021~Position,data=Cites2021, main=”Citations by Rank”,
xlab=”Total Citations”, ylab=”Rank”, horizontal=TRUE, outline=FALSE,
cex.lab=1, cex.main=2, cex.axis=0.65, col=(c(“yellow”,”green”,”red”)))

Data: Cites2021.csv

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