Winter 2024 Urban Planning Citation Update

The recently updated citation data have been posted at ScholarMetrics. Just over 76% of the faculty being tracked (802 out of 1,054) have Google Scholar Citation Profiles and the rest of the faculty included are updated manually. I greatly appreciate those of you who send updates and corrections. Please let me know if you have any suggestions at:

All Schools (Total Faculty Citations)

Planning SchoolFacultyMedianMean
The New School63,8455,060
Arizona State University163,3486,080
New York University72,7223,495
Georgia Tech152,4602,776
University of Toronto82,3712,037
University of Colorado, Denver62,3593,010
McGill University72,2884,817
University of Minnesota112,1783,727
UC Berkeley142,1076,116
University of British Columbia142,0673,850
Tufts University82,0184,666
Universite Laval131,9942,394
Rutgers University191,8092,727
University of Massachusetts-Amherst71,7311,699
University of Pennsylvania151,7032,946
University of Maryland101,6822,386
Virginia Tech121,6652,523
University of Michigan151,6462,740
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York121,6221,848
University of Delaware41,6021,397
Northeastern University101,5801,467
Harvard University91,5243,378
University of Waterloo, Ontario191,3701,811
Florida State University101,3671,397
Ohio State University141,3301,431
University of Saskatchewan51,3141,086
Queen’s University71,2701,506
University of South Florida41,2591,216
University of Iowa51,2241,394
University of Utah91,2005,984
Portland State University171,1702,134
Florida Atlantic University61,1291,665
University of Alberta141,1212,624
York University101,1082,262
Michigan State University91,0961,263
University of Washington131,0953,654
University of Illinois, Chicago171,0862,958
University of Oregon141,0421,403
San Diego State University41,0351,153
Temple University31,012702
University of Virginia109792,742
University of Louisville129671,185
University of Texas, Austin119161,496
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign119001,802
Cornell University188672,004
Simon Fraser University78441,232
UC Irvine218152,950
Texas Southern University88114,004
Texas A&M University248072,339
State University of New York at Albany47991,596
Northern Arizona University8711660
San Jose State University116751,061
Hunter College8618780
Rowan University4610637
University of Texas, San Antonio4583562
University of New Orleans6570596
University of Hawaii85691,020
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo8551902
Clemson University5536755
Cleveland State University7535859
Miami University6518549
University of Arizona7517457
University of Wisconsin, Madison135131,039
University of Toledo94961,472
Wayne State University5478897
University of Florida124761,432
University of Massachusetts-Boston114681,143
Virginia Commonwealth University9468507
University of Guelph8454483
University of Texas, Arlington64521,073
Dalhousie University6451563
Morgan State University6451617
Universite de Montreal124321,181
University of Memphis5430618
University of Missouri-Kansas City44111,007
Iowa State University10404591
UC San Diego113955,340
Alabama A&M University6346711
University of Calgary8337975
California State University, Northridge7320407
University of Nebraska32961,694
University of Pittsburgh3292298
University of Kansas4272534
University of Manitoba6265883
Eastern Washington3255296
East Carolina University4244389
University of New Mexico7239384
University of Quebec in Montreal16235617
University of Cincinnati12225818
Columbia University62212,721
Western Washington University5214323
New Jersey Institute of Technology7197594
Auburn University5189278
University of Oklahoma3166128
Toronto Metropolitan University16162720
Jackson State University6142538
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee31301,065
Minnesota State University, Mankato6101184
Rutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences7100826
West Chester University787216
Indiana University of Pennsylvania487164
Kansas State University487114
University of Georgia779221
Cal Poly, Pomona775562
Pratt Institute575160
Ball State University560253
Westfield State University828332
University of Puerto Rico611107
Appalachian State University2676676
University of Northern British Columbia2644644
University of Southern Maine2484484
Missouri State University2300300
Eastern Michigan University266
Savannah State University1275275
Salisbury University1220220
Georgetown University15151
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3 Responses to Winter 2024 Urban Planning Citation Update

  1. Michael B. Teitz says:

    Great job as usual. What happened to UC Berkeley?
    Best wishes,
    Mike Teitz

  2. Megan Horst says:

    Hi there, Portland State does not have 17 faculty in urban planning; have not for awhile. When does that get updated or how can we direct you to update it?

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