2018 Urban Planning Citation Update

The most recent citation data for urban planning faculty are now available at: http://scholarmetrics.com/metrics

This includes 1,111 U.S. and Canadian planning faculty, of which 626 have Google Scholar Citation Profiles. Data from profiles are used when available, otherwise counts for individual faculty are compiled manually. More detail on the methodology is available here.

Top 10 Planning Faculty (name links to Google Scholar Citation Profile)

Michael Storper40,55477
Neil Brenner29,70350
AnnaLee Saxenian27,42247
Lawrence Frank26,97869
Stewart Fotheringham21,88359
Reid Ewing21,32051
Martha Feldman19,99941
John Bryson17,96946
Nik Theodore16,71546
John Forester15,60443

Top 10 Planning Programs (name links to program website)

Planning SchoolNo. FacultyTotal
UC Berkeley1694,4283,2075,901
Columbia University717,6562,6802,522
Simon Fraser University1547,7962,2023,186
Arizona State University1244,1391,6613,678
New York University814,6791,6261,834
University of Maryland711,8701,5421,695
Harvard University1654,1311,3163,383

Please contact me at tom.sanchez@vt.edu if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. Mike Teitz says:

    Great work, Tom. keep it up.
    Best wishes for 2019

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