2020 Urban Planning Scholarly Citations: An Update

I just finished the process of updating faculty rosters for planning programs – thanks to many department/program chairs. Along with doing that, I updated the citation numbers and H-indices for individual faculty members. My 2020 database includes 109 schools in the U.S. and Canada with 1,066 tenure track faculty. The citation data are drawn from Google Scholar Citation Profiles (663 of the 1,066 faculty have them), and the rest (403) are tabulated manually with the help of Harzing’s Publish or Perish. More on my methodology can be found here and throughout this blog. The searchable database can be accessed at: ScholarMetrics.com and the data are available in Excel format here.

Below are a couple snapshots.

25 Most Cited Planning Programs (based on median citations)

Planning SchoolFacultyMedianMean
Simon Fraser University163,5714,596
Harvard University72,9362,871
UC Berkeley172,3946,672
New York University82,1172,391
University of Maryland72,0052,143
University of Minnesota121,6054,107
University of Toronto171,5531,578
University of Saskatchewan121,4903,103
Tufts University71,4334,198
University of Massachusetts-Amherst61,3461,087
University of Pittsburgh51,3283,196
University of Washington121,3112,834
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York101,2221,311
Columbia University51,2151,948
Rutgers University191,2142,145
University of British Columbia151,1874,863
Georgia Tech161,1421,724
The New School for Social Research71,1351,403
McGill University71,1072,750
Florida Atlantic University81,0421,705
Virginia Tech131,0051,672

25 Most Cited Planning Faculty (based on total citations)

Michael StorperUCLA46,51878
Lawrence FrankUniversity of British Columbia35,52681
AnnaLee SaxenianUC Berkeley31,15048
Stewart FotheringhamArizona State University27,29267
Reid EwingUniversity of Utah26,57161
Martha FeldmanUC Irvine24,27444
John BrysonUniversity of Minnesota23,74450
Nik TheodoreUniversity of Illinois, Chicago21,62948
Carlo RattiMIT19,52671
Robert BullardTexas Southern University18,19054
John PomeroyUniversity of Saskatchewan17,27470
John ForesterCornell University15,92645
Jennifer WolchUC Berkeley15,67160
Julian AgyemanTufts University15,41843
Marta GonzalezUC Berkeley14,79842
Marina AlbertiUniversity of Washington12,91737
Frank GobasSimon Fraser University12,59654
Robert NolandRutgers University12,57654
Ananya RoyUCLA11,73036
Teresa CaldeiraUC Berkeley11,71330
Susanna HechtUCLA11,55640
Marlon BoarnetUSC11,45844
Dale WhittingtonUNC11,42558
Lawrence SusskindMIT11,21945
Daniel RodriguezUC Berkeley11,02153

Collecting these data also allows me to examine the research topics of interest to planning faculty. See my recent paper on the topic, The Most Frequently Cited Topics in Urban Planning Scholarship.

Please send along questions or comments (tom.sanchez@vt.edu).

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