Winter 2023 Urban Planning Faculty Citation Update

The new citation data are now available for Winter 2023. Citations are tracked for “regular” (i.e., tenure track) faculty in urban planning programs and departments in the U.S. and Canada. I am pleased to report that over 76% of the faculty being tracked (784 out of 1,039) now have Google Scholar Citation Profiles. See the ScholarMetrics page to look up individual faculty and planning program data.

Top 10 Faculty (Total Citations)

Michael StorperUCLA51,32684
Lawrence FrankUC San Diego46,59696
Reid EwingUniversity of Utah37,23171
Stewart FotheringhamArizona State University36,77473
AnnaLee SaxenianUC Berkeley36,31551
Martha FeldmanUC Irvine31,16848
Carlo RattiMIT30,69188
Nik TheodoreUniversity of Illinois, Chicago28,36553
Robert BullardTexas Southern University23,60055
Julian AgyemanTufts University22,03546

Top 10 Faculty (H-Index)

Lawrence FrankUC San Diego46,59696
Carlo RattiMIT30,69188
Michael StorperUCLA51,32684
Stewart FotheringhamArizona State University36,77473
Reid EwingUniversity of Utah37,23171
Robert NolandRutgers University16,45565
Ahmed El-GeneidyMcGill University13,84265
Dale WhittingtonUNC14,34664
Daniel RodriguezUC Berkeley15,17363
Jennifer WolchUC Berkeley20,36562

Top 10 Urban Planning Programs (Median Citations)

The New School 63,4794,804
UC Berkeley173,3638,723
Arizona State University163,0475,490
New York University92,5142,547
University of Toronto112,4401,976
UC San Diego52,25010,301

Please contact me with any corrections or questions, tom[dot]sanchez[at]vt[dot]edu.

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2 Responses to Winter 2023 Urban Planning Faculty Citation Update

  1. J Zhou says:

    Are you going to use the standardized citation metrics like mentioned here?

    Also, it might be interesting to compare planning faculty from all the English speaking institutions.

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