The Most Frequently Cited Topics in Urban Planning Scholarship


Analyses of faculty citation activity usually focus on counts as a function of author characteristics, such as rank, gender, previous citation levels, and other factors influencing productivity and career path. Citation analyses of publications consider aspects, such as the number of authors, author reputation, author order, length of the title, methodology, and impact factors of the publication. While publication topics or discipline are considered important factors, they are more difficult to analyze, and therefore, occur less frequently. This article attempts to do that for the field of urban planning. Urban planning is multi-disciplinary and includes consideration of social, economic, technological, environmental, and political systems that shape human settlement patterns. It has been suspected that some topics are more “popular” and have larger audiences, therefore, are cited more often. Using nearly 15,000 urban planning publications, this article presents an analysis of topics to assess which are cited most frequently. The classification of publications was performed using a Support Vector Machine (SVM), a machine learning (ML) approach to text classification, using citation data from Google Scholar. The citation levels for the resulting categories are analyzed and discussed. 

Keywords: urban planningbibliometricscitation analysis

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Citations by Publication Year for Urban Planning Faculty

The 659 urban planning faculty with Google Scholar Citation Profiles (as of 12/8/2019) list 29,398 publications, an average of about 45 publications per faculty member (publications were only counted once even though approximately 2,000 were co-authored with other planning faculty). All publications currently average 44 citations (median of 10) for a total of 1,295,160 citations. The chart below shows the interquartile range (IQR) of citations for these publications by year. For most years the 25th quartile averages about 3 and the 75th quartile averages about 34. The highest two years are for publications in 1997 and 2003 (average of 64). The most highly cited publication among these is Regional Advantage by AnnaLee Saxenian with 13,247.

IQR of Citation Totals for Publications by Year

See also the updated urban planning program citation analysis and searchable database. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated (

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Urban Planning Program Citation Metrics

The table below includes the most recent update of urban planning faculty citation activity. Also see the searchable database at:

Planning SchoolNo. FacultyCites: MedianCites: MeanH-Index: MedianH-Index: Mean
Alabama A&M University545967498
Arizona State University14114732461720
Auburn University52311333
Ball State University71820025
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo833460888
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona94726345
California State University, Northridge730133397
Clemson University1130352988
Cleveland State University104117321011
Columbia University66271523813
Cornell University1652721721114
Dalhousie University812754358
East Carolina University35311114711
Florida Atlantic University893115651215
Florida State University106937601310
Georgia Tech13108417601516
Harvard University11112050231419
Hunter College1015730357
Indiana University of Pennsylvania46726846
Iowa State University1219033167
Jackson State University68230046
Kansas State University4315023
McGill University791424031521
Miami University7409361108
Michigan State University116647271112
Minnesota State University, Mankato6317723
Missouri State University419316155
Morgan State University924031066
New Jersey Institute of Technology78528255
New York University8191021912119
Northern Arizona University619712644.59
Ohio State University13600736129
Portland State University1777212551313
Pratt Institute424322455
Queen's University77748721413
Rutgers University20140321441719
Rutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences9461049410
Ryerson University1027650588
Saint Louis University46116991212
San Diego State University38738111310
San Jose State University75035001110
Simon Fraser University15300636982224
State University of New York at Albany133931208812
Texas A&M University213791275812
Texas Southern University94322341813
The New School for Social Research7121412991615
Tufts University7116537931318
UC Berkeley15378069012428
UC Irvine2034821081013
Universite de Montreal1316963958
Universite Laval1367416531516
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York139379961513
University of Alberta1359017741314
University of Arizona72631757814
University of British Columbia14106845071422
University of Calgary1111934256
University of Cincinnati1322080669
University of Colorado, Denver681317181013
University of Delaware497010451514
University of Florida1014790759
University of Georgia74512544
University of Guelph913939367
University of Hawaii1026948079
University of Idaho85278531412
University of Illinois, Chicago1971118651213
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign1156512471112
University of Iowa87048471213
University of Kansas5420443119
University of Louisville12518786911
University of Manitoba510972266
University of Maryland7179619612117
University of Massachusetts-Amherst79689231310
University of Massachusetts-Boston1048980979
University of Memphis529031776
University of Michigan1872715931313
University of Minnesota12154937881921
University of Missouri-Kansas629557399
University of Nebraska519149357
University of New Mexico116016534
University of New Orleans622429076
University of Oklahoma5313732
University of Oregon1833075089
University of Pennsylvania14105619251417
University of Pittsburgh59562287914
University of Puerto Rico4211922
University of Saskatchewan12128427921821
University of South Florida427657289
University of Texas, Arlington8441696910
University of Texas, Austin145877141110
University of Texas, San Antonio37313355
University of Toledo9313845911
University of Toronto19133312801613
University of Utah857635781115
University of Virginia95371680913
University of Washington1499922721214
University of Waterloo, Ontario196859521112
University of Wisconsin, Madison13412784910
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee4335583810
Virginia Commonwealth University922227887
Virginia Tech1582312941012
Wayne State University6285999810
West Chester University88712344
Western Michigan University1423544967
Western Washington University514022066
Westfield State University82118734
York University1177817611316

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Urban Planning Faculty Using Twitter

Below is the list of faculty (as of May 2019) that were included in my analysis of Twitter use by urban planning faculty. The paper I presented at ACSP today can be downloaded here. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Aaron Golub
Abhinav Alakshendra
Adrienne Greve
Ahmed Allahwala
Ahmed El-Geneidy
Alan Lew
Alan Wiig
Alec Gershberg
Alessandro Rigolon
Alexander Karner
Allie Thomas
Allison Lassiter
Amada Armenta
Amber Woodburn
Amy Glasmeier
Ananya Roy
Andre Sorensen
Andrea Roberts
Andrea Sarzynski
Andres Sevtsuk
Andrew Greenlee
Andrew Mondschein
Andrew Rumbach
Anette Freytag
Ann Forsyth
Anna Livia Brand
Anne Whiston Spirn
Antonio Raciti
Anuradha Mukherji
Ariel Bierbaum
Arlie Adkins
Arnab Chakraborty
Ashima Krishna
Atul Pokharel
Austin Troy
Barbara Wilson
Ben Clark
Benjamin Teresa
Berneece Herbert
Bethany Stich
Bev Wilson
Bishwapriya Sanyal
Bram Noble
Branden Born
Brenda Case Scheer
Brian Doucet
Brian Stone
Bruce Appleyard
Bruce Stiftel
Bryce Lowery
Bumjoon Kang
Burrell Montz
Carissa Slotterback
Carlton Basmajian
Carolina Reid
Carrie Makarewicz
Carrie Mitchell
Casey Dawkins
Catherine Ross
Charles Connerly
Cherie Westbrook
Clinton Andrews
Connie Ozawa
Courtney Knapp
Damian Pitt
Daniel Campo
Daniel Chatman
Daniele Spirandelli
Danya Rumore
Darrick Hamilton
David Bieri
David Gordon
David Hsu
David King
David Sloane
David Tulloch
David Varady
David Wachsmuth
Deden Rukmana
Dorothy Dewey
Dowell Myers
Dyana Mason
Elisabeth Hamin
Elizabeth Brabec
Ellen Douglas
Ellen Pader
Elora Raymond
Eran Kaplinsky
Eric Klopfer
Erica James
Eugenie Birch
Evelyn Blumenberg
Forster Ndubisi
Francesca Ammon
Frank Popper
Gabrielle Esperdy
Gary Coutu
Gary Painter
Genevieve Giuliano
George Dougherty
Gerrit Knaap
Gordon Douglas
Greg Schrock
Harley Etienne
Hashim Sarkis
Heather Khan
Henrik Minassians
Hiba Bou Akar
Hilary Nixon
Hun Kim
Huston Gibson
Ivis Zambrana
J. Phillip Thompson
Jaap Vos
Jacob Wagner
Jake Wegmann
James DeFilippis
James Wescoat
Janice Barry
Jason Cao
Jason Charalambides
Jason Corburn
Jason Hackworth
Jason Jackson
Jason Knouft
Jay Mittal
Jean-Philippe Meloche
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Dean
Jennifer Dill
Jennifer Minner
Jennifer Roe
Jeremy Pittman
Jerry Zhao
Jesus Barajas
Jill Blakley
Joanna Ganning
John Gilderbloom
John McNutt
John Meligrana
John Pipkin
John Renne
Jonathan Moore
Jonn Axsen
Jordi Honey-Rosés
Jorge Roca
Julia Rubin
Julian Agyeman
Junfeng Jiao
Justin Hollander
K. Meghan Wieters
Kami Pothukuchi
Karen Frick
Karen Kohfeld
Karen Umemoto
Kate Nesse
Kathryn Howell
Kelcie Ralph
Kelly Kinahan
Ken Lertzman
Kenneth Genskow
Kenya Covington
Kheir Al-Kodmany
Kian Goh
Kimberley Kinder
Kristina Currans
Kyle Ezell
La Barbara Wigfall
Larry Beasley
Laura Saija
Laura Wolf-Powers
Laxmi Ramasubramanian
Leah Meisterlin
Leela Viswanathan
Leia Minaker
Leith Deacon
Lily Baum Pollans
Lindsay Braun
Lisa Schweitzer
Lisa Servon
Lorie Higgins
Luna Khirfan
Lyndsey Rolheiser
Lynn Mandarano
Maged Senbel
Maggie Cowell
Mai Nguyen
Malo Hutson
Manish Shirgaokar
Marc Schlossberg
Marccus Hendricks
Maria Martinez-Cosio
Marisa Zapata
Mark Jaccard
Mark Purcell
Mark Roseland
Markus Moos
Marlon Boarnet
Marta Gonzalez
Martine August
Max Stephenson
Maya Wiley
Megan Ryerson
Meghan Gough
Michael Boswell
Michael Drescher
Michael Frisch
Michael Kuby
Michael Larice
Michael Lens
Michael Smart
Michael Storper
Mickey Lauria
Minjee Kim
Misun Hur
Mitchell Moss
Moe Chowdhury
Moira Zellner
Natasha Iskander
Nathan McClintock
Nebiyou Tilahun
Nezar Alsayyad
Nicholas Klein
Nicola Ulibarri
Nihal Perera
Nik Theodore
Nina-Marie Lister
Niraj Verma
Nisha Botchwey
Noel Keough
Paavo Monkkonen
Pamela Robinson
Patricia Collins
Paul Galpern
Paul Waddell
Paula Negron
Peilei Fan
Penelope Gurstein
Perry Yang
Philip Stoker
Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah
Rachel Kleit
Rachel Meltzer
Rachel Weber
Ragui Assaad
Raktim Mitra
Ralph Buehler
Ralph Hall
Raphael Bostic
Reid Ewing
Revel Sims
Richard Alomar
Richard Milgrom
Richard Peiser
Robert Bullard
Robert Goodspeed
Robert Schneider
Roger Keil
Rolf Pendall
Rosie Tighe
Ryan Gibson
Salo Coslovsky
Samina Raja
Sanda Kaufman
Sara Meerow
Sarah Coffin
Sarah Hinners
Sarah Williams
Saurabh Lall
Scott Bollens
Scott Spak
Scott Truex
Sébastien Lord
Shalini Misra
Shelagh McCartney
Sheri Longboat
Shima Hamidi
Siqi Zheng
Stephanie Frank
Stephanie Rolley
Stephanie Ryberg
Stephen Goldsmith
Steven Handel
Subhrajit Guhathakurta
Suzanne Charles
Suzanne Morse Moomaw
T.William Lester
Tara Goddard
Tawab Hlimi
Tenley Conway
Teresa Cordova
Theo Lim
Thomas Campanella
Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Skuzinski
Timothy Beatley
Timothy Borich
Timothy Chapin
Timothy LeDoux
Timothy Welch
Tobiah Horton
Todd BenDor
Todd Schenk
Toni Griffin
Trisalyn Nelson
Ute Lehrer
Uwe Brandes
V. Kelly Turner
Vincent Reina
Walter Nicholls
Ward Lyles
Wayne Caldwell
Wenwen Zhang
William Rohe
William Siembieda
Willow Lung-Amam
Yang Zhang
Yingling Fan
Yuseung Kim
Zhan Guo
Zhixi Zhuang
Zoe Hamstead
Zorica Nedovic-Budic

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Tweeting and Citation Activity for Urban Planning Faculty

Out of the approximately 1,100 planning faculty that I track, just over 300 have active Twitter accounts (about 100 users for each rank). Similar to my comparison of Google Scholar users and non-users (see:, I was interested in whether citation activity differs between Twitter users and non-users. Below are some initial results from this research which show there are differences between the two groups, with Twitter users having higher numbers of total citations as well as H-Indices.

Your comments are appreciated.

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Follow-up: The Google Scholar Citation Profile Advantage?

After my recent post comparing citation totals and H-Indices for planning faculty with and without Google Scholar Citation Profiles (GS), I was asked what the comparison would look like by years of experience (i.e., years after receiving PhD). While not everyone takes a tenure track position immediately upon completion of their PhD, it should still be a good indicator of years of academic experience. Below are figures showing mean citations (Figure 1) and mean H-Index (Figure 2) by years.

Figure 1. Mean citations

Figure 2. Mean H-Index

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The Google Scholar Citation Profile Advantage?

The citation data for my analyses are primarily from Google Scholar (see most recent at: For awhile now I have suspected that planning faculty with Google Scholar Citation Profiles had higher H-Indices and citation totals, but I had not yet looked at the differences. I assumed that highly cited faculty were more likely to keep track of their citation metrics, and therefore have GS profiles. This appears to be the case. But in my opinion, profiles do not increase the visibility of publications and therefore, citation activity. Publications are mostly searched through GS and not through profiles. There is also the issue of gaming GS profiles by including erroneous publications. While I have seen instances of this, most of it has to do with profiles not being properly maintained. This also includes missing publications which potentially lower citation counts and H-Indices. Anne-Wil Harzing has a very good blog post about this at:

See the comparisons below (by rank) and please send me your comments.

Table 1. Mean H-Index


Table 2. Mean citations


Figure 1. Mean H-Index by rank

Figure 2. Mean citations by rank

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2019 Urban Planning Faculty Citation Results

The following summarizes citation activity and H-Index levels for faculty in urban planning programs in the U.S. and Canada. This includes 293 assistant professors, 359 associate professors, and 450 full professors. Background on urban planning and citation analysis can be found at:

Sanchez, Thomas W. 2016. Faculty Performance Evaluation using Citation Analysis: An Update, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 37(1): 83-94.

Individual and program level data are searchable at:

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North American Urban Planning Scholars Using Google Scholar Citation Profiles: An Update

The following is an updated list (by Hirsch Index) of urban planning faculty from schools in the U.S. and Canada. This is an update of my 2016 post “Ranking North American Urban Planning Scholars Using Google Scholar Citation Profiles.” There are currently 623 faculty (out of a total of 1,102) with Google Scholar Citation Profiles. The complete list of faculty citation metrics, including those without GSC profiles, will be available soon at: Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Michael StorperUCLA7442361
Lawrence FrankUniversity of British Columbia7429469
John PomeroyUniversity of Saskatchewan6314688
Carlo RattiMIT6315675
Stewart FotheringhamArizona State University6223671
Reid EwingUniversity of Utah5622630
Dale WhittingtonUNC5610179
Jennifer WolchUC Berkeley5613537
Neil BrennerHarvard University5333577
Robert BullardTexas Southern University5215870
Arthur NelsonUniversity of Arizona518170
Robert NolandRutgers University4911034
AnnaLee SaxenianUC Berkeley4828828
Daniel RodriguezUC Berkeley479163
Nik TheodoreUniversity of Illinois, Chicago4618337
Paul WaddellUC Berkeley467700
John BrysonUniversity of Minnesota4619717
Ahmed El-GeneidyMcGill University466531
Susanna HechtUCLA4510876
Martha FeldmanUC Irvine4421750
Marlon BoarnetUSC4410180
Philip BerkeTexas A&M University448791
Archana SharmaMorgan State University4415084
Roger KeilYork University437022
Ann ForsythHarvard University426855
Mildred WarnerCornell University427290
Richard ShearmurMcGill University415820
Julian AgyemanTufts University4112675
Samuel BrodyTexas A&M University416362
Lawrence SusskindMIT4010119
Genevieve GiulianoUSC409171
Isabelle ThomasUniversite de Montreal405782
Robert BeauregardColumbia University396665
Manuel RodriguezUniversite Laval388916
Ken LertzmanSimon Fraser University386776
Dowell MyersUSC375043
Michael StollUCLA374326
Stephanie ChangUniversity of British Columbia378229
Timothy BeatleyUniversity of Virginia378961
Ragui AssaadUniversity of Minnesota374292
William DunnUniversity of Pittsburgh3713699
Sheldon KrimskyTufts University378435
Anastasia Loukaitou-SiderisUCLA374778
Marta GonzalezUC Berkeley3711941
David GeltnerMIT366011
Alan LewNorthern Arizona University366203
Marina AlbertiUniversity of Washington3611085
Paul OngUCLA365271
Yan SongUNC365440
Ingrid Gould EllenNew York University366308
William RoheUNC366267
Claude LavoieUniversite Laval363786
Timothy McDanielsUniversity of British Columbia355106
Ralph BuehlerVirginia Tech357518
Jason CaoUniversity of Minnesota356829
Xinhao WangUniversity of Cincinnati354432
Zhong-Ren PengUniversity of Florida355317
Steven HandelRutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences354811
Gerrit KnaapUniversity of Maryland345126
Walter PeacockTexas A&M University344609
Jennifer DillPortland State University346291
Rob ShieldsUniversity of Alberta349473
Randall GuenslerGeorgia Tech344770
Siqi ZhengMIT344801
Trisalyn NelsonArizona State University333653
Chris TillyUCLA336022
Bram NobleUniversity of Saskatchewan323478
Lawrence MartzUniversity of Saskatchewan325444
Edward GoetzUniversity of Minnesota324162
Roberto QuerciaUNC323596
Brian TaylorUCLA314166
Jonathan MooreSimon Fraser University314497
Michael KubyArizona State University314089
Diane DavisHarvard University313738
Teresa CaldeiraUC Berkeley3010283
Thomas SanchezVirginia Tech302594
Eric KlopferMIT305678
Laura ReeseMichigan State University302422
Austin TroyUniversity of Colorado, Denver295610
Kristof AsscheUniversity of Alberta292818
Mark PurcellUniversity of Washington297025
Richard GreenUSC294954
Evelyn PinkertonSimon Fraser University295861
Zorica Nedovic-BudicUniversity of Illinois, Chicago292653
Jeff BrownFlorida State University294580
Qing ShenUniversity of Washington293533
Karen KohfeldSimon Fraser University297890
Clinton AndrewsRutgers University282709
Evelyn BlumenbergUCLA282566
Lance FreemanColumbia University284345
Gary PainterUSC282899
Ray BromleyState University of New York at Albany283435
Pierre FilionUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario282744
Robert BrownTexas A&M University283391
Karl KimUniversity of Hawaii272315
Amy HillierUniversity of Pennsylvania272670
Jonn AxsenSimon Fraser University272667
Jill GrantDalhousie University273096
Weiping WuColumbia University262887
David MarcouillerUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison263712
Walter NichollsUC Irvine262294
Rodolfo TorresUC Irvine264212
Steven FrenchGeorgia Tech252718
Chanam LeeTexas A&M University254127
Jason CorburnUC Berkeley253547
Lois TakahashiUSC252497
Youqin HuangState University of New York at Albany253506
Stephen CollierUC Berkeley256071
Damian CollinsUniversity of Alberta252245
Katherine O’ReganNew York University252232
Joseph FerreiraMIT252658
Faranak MiraftabUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign242889
Daniel SchneiderUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign241839
Noreen McDonaldUNC243228
Jason KnouftSaint Louis University241485
Lilian AlessaUniversity of Idaho242496
Casey DawkinsUniversity of Maryland242402
Robert SimonsCleveland State University241686
Todd BenDorUNC231469
Subhrajit GuhathakurtaGeorgia Tech231985
Scott SpakUniversity of Iowa231545
Christopher ZegrasMIT231998
Mitchell MossNew York University232580
Paul LewisUniversite de Montreal231994
Martin MurrayUniversity of Michigan232058
Robert FishmanUniversity of Michigan237311
Rolf PendallUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign235480
Lawrence ValeMIT233862
Elliott SclarColumbia University233779
Zhenghong TangUniversity of Nebraska232065
Robert LakeRutgers University222270
Ellen DouglasUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston223288
J.R. DeShazoUCLA222875
Tridib BanerjeeUSC223181
Paul SmokeNew York University223322
Kevin CzajkowskiUniversity of Toledo222261
David FeldmanUC Irvine221779
Darrick HamiltonOhio State University211553
Elizabeth Currid-HalkettUSC214644
Yingling FanUniversity of Minnesota211521
Eran Ben-JosephMIT214840
Albert SaizMIT217451
John CarruthersCornell University212267
Scott CampbellUniversity of Michigan214808
Deepak RajagopalUCLA212245
Cherie WestbrookUniversity of Saskatchewan211319
Mark RoselandSimon Fraser University213031
John GilderbloomUniversity of Louisville211570
Peter VictorYork University214861
John RenneFlorida Atlantic University212277
David HowellThe New School for Social Research 212495
Catherine RossGeorgia Tech211618
Jean MorinUniversite Laval211519
Burrell MontzEast Carolina University212518
Anne SalomonSimon Fraser University212047
William BowenCleveland State University212255
Alex SchwartzThe New School for Social Research 202457
Daniel HessUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York201925
Eugenie BirchUniversity of Pennsylvania201787
David ImbroscioUniversity of Louisville201737
Mickey LauriaClemson University202046
Robert SilvermanUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York201003
Robert SchneiderUniversity of Wisconsin, Milwaukee201462
Andre SorensenUniversity of Toronto201944
Connie OzawaPortland State University201720
Jason HackworthUniversity of Toronto204092
Tenley ConwayUniversity of Toronto201271
Rachel KleitOhio State University191434
Hiroyuki IsekiUniversity of Maryland191690
Peilei FanMichigan State University191448
Aaron GolubPortland State University191635
Alfonso MoralesUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison191414
Zhan GuoNew York University191386
Ivonne AudiracUniversity of Texas, Arlington191875
Alec AitkenUniversity of Saskatchewan19839
David SloaneUSC191936
Jonathan LevineUniversity of Michigan193055
Susan RuddickUniversity of Toronto191876
Neil ReidUniversity of Toledo191462
David GordonQueen's University191643
Ming ZhangUniversity of Texas, Austin191610
Kheir Al-KodmanyUniversity of Illinois, Chicago191798
Daoqin TongArizona State University181062
Lisa SchweitzerUSC181437
Justin HollanderTufts University181960
George RogersTexas A&M University181063
Florent JoerinUniversite Laval181465
Jennifer RoeUniversity of Virginia181991
Betsy DonaldQueen's University181285
Tara McGeeUniversity of Alberta181328
Moira ZellnerUniversity of Illinois, Chicago181538
Meenu TewariUNC181223
Michael DuncanFlorida State University182671
Alexander BuyantuevState University of New York at Albany182099
John McNuttUniversity of Delaware181377
Catherine LawsonState University of New York at Albany182727
Nathan McClintockPortland State University182366
Theresa GarvinUniversity of Alberta182527
Jerry ZhaoUniversity of Minnesota18803
David PijawkaArizona State University182427
Glenn JohnsonTexas Southern University172361
Kathe NewmanRutgers University171860
June ThomasUniversity of Michigan171488
Daniel ChatmanUC Berkeley171461
Gary PivoUniversity of Arizona172667
Larissa LarsenUniversity of Michigan172698
Paavo MonkkonenUCLA17840
Ming-Han LiMichigan State University17840
Michael LeafUniversity of British Columbia171130
Himanshu GroverUniversity of Washington172083
Nichola LoweUNC17999
Vivek ShandasPortland State University171517
Richard WillsonCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona171471
Alenka PoplinIowa State University171064
Shannon ZandtTexas A&M University171368
Ernest SternbergUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York171090
Lucie LaurianUniversity of Iowa171605
David TullochRutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences171262
Jean HartmanRutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences171127
Eric HeikkilaUSC171413
Shima HamidiUniversity of Texas, Arlington171163
Ruth SteinerUniversity of Florida171347
Douglas HoustonUC Irvine171580
Nancey Green LeighGeorgia Tech163539
Paul HessUniversity of Toronto162646
T.William LesterUNC161967
Raktim MitraRyerson University161109
Sungyop KimUniversity of Missouri-Kansas161618
Samina RajaUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York161748
Mai NguyenUNC161576
Thomas DanielsUniversity of Pennsylvania161011
David MillerUniversity of Pittsburgh161578
Leia MinakerUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario16656
Damon HallSaint Louis University16914
Kanishka GoonewardenaUniversity of Toronto161304
Michael SmartRutgers University16855
Deborah SalonArizona State University15841
Michael ManvilleUCLA151351
Jinhua ZhaoMIT15992
Christopher CouttsFlorida State University15646
Sanda KaufmanCleveland State University151075
Anne Whiston SpirnMIT152976
Markus MoosUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario15936
Marc SchlossbergUniversity of Oregon151838
Jeremy NemethUniversity of Colorado, Denver151230
Karen UmemotoUCLA15833
Asha AgrawalSan Jose State University15753
Madhav BadamiMcGill University15831
Andrea SarzynskiUniversity of Delaware151068
Elisabeth HaminUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst151065
Vicente RioCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo152572
Janelle Knox-HayesMIT15856
Francis OwusuIowa State University15940
Keith BartholomewUniversity of Utah151704
JiYoung ParkUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York15853
Thomas CampanellaCornell University153661
Patricia WilsonUniversity of Texas, Austin151896
Christopher DeSousaRyerson University151645
Kenneth ReardonUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston15856
Jonathan JusticeUniversity of Delaware15762
Carissa SlotterbackUniversity of Minnesota151288
Mariana ArcayaMIT15724
Kenneth GenskowUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison15821
Jean DubéUniversite Laval15827
Timothy ChapinFlorida State University15793
Deirdre PfeifferArizona State University14408
Rachel MeltzerThe New School for Social Research 14561
Nikhil KazaUNC14782
Bumsoo LeeUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign14808
Kirk McClureUniversity of Kansas14868
Bruce StiftelGeorgia Tech141047
Laura LawsonRutgers University, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences141781
Lei MengWestern Michigan University14784
Jennifer ClarkGeorgia Tech141899
Douglas KelbaughUniversity of Michigan14838
Robert FeickUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario14813
Martino TranUniversity of British Columbia141054
Rosanna RiveroUniversity of Georgia14516
David WachsmuthMcGill University141289
Michael LowryUniversity of Idaho14440
Martin BunchYork University14945
Philip WatsonUniversity of Idaho14519
Virginia ParksUC Irvine141006
Michael BurayidiBall State University14607
Christian RedfearnUSC141462
Steven KovenUniversity of Louisville14665
Greg SchrockPortland State University131218
Sandeep AgrawalUniversity of Alberta13565
Michael DrescherUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario13947
Jordi Honey-RosésUniversity of British Columbia13833
Petra DoanFlorida State University131013
Eric DumbaughFlorida Atlantic University131281
Carolina ReidUC Berkeley13682
Erick GuerraUniversity of Pennsylvania13913
Nina-Marie ListerRyerson University13712
Mukesh KumarJackson State University131123
Kami PothukuchiWayne State University131798
Mark StevensUniversity of British Columbia13687
Owen WaygoodUniversite Laval13587
Martin KriegerUSC131030
Ute LehrerYork University13839
Zhenhua ChenOhio State University13512
John ChinHunter College13509
Steve HankeyVirginia Tech13723
Elizabeth BrabecUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst131714
Gregory VeeckWestern Michigan University131017
Frank DukesUniversity of Virginia131243
Pamela RobinsonRyerson University13631
Henry RenskiUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst13931
Patricia CollinsQueen's University13732
Leonora AngelesUniversity of British Columbia13507
Nebiyou TilahunUniversity of Illinois, Chicago12939
Ward LylesUniversity of Kansas12596
Gulsah AkarOhio State University12765
Bernadette HanlonOhio State University12940
Megan RyersonUniversity of Pennsylvania12577
Qisheng PanTexas Southern University12529
Stacy HarwoodUniversity of Utah12786
Joshua DruckerUniversity of Illinois, Chicago121125
Elizabeth MacdonaldUC Berkeley121044
Lisa BatesPortland State University12580
Zoe HamsteadUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York121265
Mark WilsonMichigan State University12655
Junfeng JiaoUniversity of Texas, Austin12789
Alex BigazziUniversity of British Columbia12483
Elizabeth MuellerUniversity of Texas, Austin12511
Ralph HallVirginia Tech12609
Bruce AppleyardSan Diego State University12815
Jun ZhangUniversity of Toronto12630
Sébastien LordUniversite de Montreal12471
William ButlerFlorida State University12582
Yu XiaoPortland State University12493
Julia RubinRutgers University12489
James SpencerClemson University12498
Phuong Nguyen-HoangUniversity of Iowa12541
Francois ProulxUniversite Laval12444
Lan DengUniversity of Michigan11413
Maria ConroyOhio State University111571
Frank GoetzkeUniversity of Louisville11684
Shalini MisraVirginia Tech111150
Eric MorrisClemson University11654
Zenia KotvalMichigan State University11407
Eva Kassens-NoorMichigan State University11673
Mahyar ArefiUniversity of Texas, Arlington11617
Andres SevtsukHarvard University111274
Marc DoussardUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign11524
Laxmi RamasubramanianSan Jose State University11488
Michael FrischUniversity of Missouri-Kansas11575
Rae BridgmanUniversity of Manitoba112653
Michael LensUCLA11332
Natasha IskanderNew York University11500
Richard NortonUniversity of Michigan11543
Jeremy PittmanUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario11525
Teresa CordovaUniversity of Illinois, Chicago11512
Annette KimUSC11507
Stacey WhiteUniversity of Kansas11392
Marla NelsonUniversity of New Orleans11511
Liming WangPortland State University11668
Nicholas KleinCornell University11417
Alexandre LebelUniversite Laval11630
Haifeng QianUniversity of Iowa11818
Brenda Case ScheerUniversity of Utah11686
David KingArizona State University11653
John GaberClemson University11434
Jan FritzUniversity of Cincinnati11928
Alexander KarnerUniversity of Texas, Austin11827
Vikas MehtaUniversity of Cincinnati10954
James LagroUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison10849
Mary EdwardsUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign10530
Deden RukmanaAlabama A&M University10424
Robert GoodspeedUniversity of Michigan10393
Lesli HoeyUniversity of Michigan10517
Brian MikelbankCleveland State University10680
Justin SteilMIT10618
Todd SchenkVirginia Tech10592
Kelcie RalphRutgers University10280
Ilir BejleriUniversity of Florida463
Philip AshtonUniversity of Illinois, Chicago10669
Paul GalpernUniversity of Calgary101071
Wendy KelloggCleveland State University10328
Brent RyanMIT10515
Martine AugustUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario10443
Marisa ZapataPortland State University10340
Maura AllaireUC Irvine10218
David SimpsonUniversity of Louisville10567
Lynn MandaranoTemple University10561
Brian DoucetUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario10463
Perry YangGeorgia Tech10533
Kathy QuickUniversity of Minnesota10866
Shan JiangTufts University101030
Wei LiTexas A&M University10366
Mintesnot WoldeamanuelCalifornia State University, Northridge9261
Andrew RumbachUniversity of Colorado, Denver9195
Amelie DavisMiami University9398
Nisha BotchweyGeorgia Tech9458
Bev WilsonUniversity of Virginia9246
Bumjoon KangUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York9356
Ben ClarkUniversity of Oregon9309
Rosie TigheCleveland State University9425
Jorge de la RocaUSC9527
Sabina DeitrickUniversity of Pittsburgh9939
Amada ArmentaUCLA9523
Matthias SweetRyerson University9238
Ajay AgarwalQueen's University9435
Jake WegmannUniversity of Texas, Austin9247
Salo Coslovsky New York University9350
Brian OhmUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison9321
Yunji KimUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison9272
Stephanie RybergCleveland State University9244
David NemethUniversity of Toledo9277
Carrie MakarewiczUniversity of Colorado, Denver9222
Luna KhirfanUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario9171
Yanqing XuUniversity of Toledo9301
Ryan AllenUniversity of Minnesota9333
Malo HutsonColumbia University91021
Alessandro RigolonUniversity of Utah9325
Galen NewmanTexas A&M University9285
Sara MeerowArizona State University9921
Daniel DeCaroUniversity of Louisville9372
Bonnie JohnsonUniversity of Kansas9198
Robert PatersonUniversity of Texas, Austin9721
Geoff BoeingUSC9505
Susannah BunceUniversity of Toronto9411
Damian PittVirginia Commonwealth University8268
Meghan GoughVirginia Commonwealth University8315
Jeffrey LoweTexas Southern University8159
Andrew MondscheinUniversity of Virginia8256
Timothy WelchGeorgia Tech8437
Maged SenbelUniversity of British Columbia8368
Danilo PalazzoUniversity of Cincinnati8308
Elizabeth SweetUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston8245
Robert BristowWestfield State University8214
Xueming ChenVirginia Commonwealth University8170
Renee IrvinUniversity of Oregon81949
Ajay GardeUC Irvine8368
Gordon DouglasSan Jose State University8255
Paula NegronUniversite de Montreal8152
Kyle WhitfieldUniversity of Alberta8303
Wenwen ZhangVirginia Tech8300
Laura SolitareTexas Southern University8453
Hyeon-Shic ShinMorgan State University8243
Bruce DvorakTexas A&M University8513
Jacob OluwoyeAlabama A&M University81274
Kristina CurransUniversity of Arizona8198
David BieriVirginia Tech8230
Nicholas BrunetUniversity of Guelph8152
Jason ReeceOhio State University8204
Lorie HigginsUniversity of Idaho8399
Carrie MitchellUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario8225
Carolyn LohWayne State University8160
Peng ChenUniversity of South Florida8230
Louis MerlinFlorida Atlantic University8224
Andrew WhittemoreUNC8215
Carolyn McAndrewsUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison8192
Raymond Asomani-BoatengMinnesota State University, Mankato8307
Jacob WagnerUniversity of Missouri-Kansas7134
Michael BoswellCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo7316
Anuradha MukherjiEast Carolina University7125
Charisma AceyUC Berkeley797
Joanna GanningCleveland State University7163
Maria RendonUC Irvine7265
Janice BarryUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario7248
Ashok DasUniversity of Hawaii7193
Ronald MalegaMissouri State University7225
Noah DurstMichigan State University7132
Maria Martinez-CosioUniversity of Texas, Arlington7197
Laura TaylorYork University7361
Genevieve CloutierUniversite Laval7175
Mark GroulxUniversity of Northern British Columbia7126
V. Kelly TurnerUCLA7145
Shomon ShamsuddinTufts University794
Patrick LawrenceUniversity of Toledo7223
David HsuMIT7251
Monica HaddadIowa State University7241
Jennifer DeanUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario7652
Vincent ReinaUniversity of Pennsylvania7109
Matthew RutherUniversity of Louisville7138
Steven SpearsUniversity of Iowa7298
Philip StokerUniversity of Arizona7240
Stacey SuttonUniversity of Illinois, Chicago7184
Jan WhittingtonUniversity of Washington7292
Jeff BirchallUniversity of Alberta7407
Daniel PiatkowskiUniversity of Nebraska7232
Arlie AdkinsUniversity of Arizona7232
Tara GoddardTexas A&M University7146
Forster NdubisiTexas A&M University7534
Yiping FangPortland State University7512
Dyana MasonUniversity of Oregon7102
Timothy BorichIowa State University7126
Dohyung KimCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona7106
Megan HorstPortland State University7194
Shiguo JiangState University of New York at Albany7372
Laiyin ZhuWestern Michigan University7141
Zeenat Kotval-KaramchandaniMichigan State University7135
Andrew SanderfordUniversity of Arizona7160
Andrew GuthrieUniversity of Memphis7250
Leela ViswanathanQueen's University7140
Jesse SaginorFlorida Atlantic University6208
Earthea NanceTexas Southern University6201
Jay MittalAuburn University685
Carlton BasmajianIowa State University6133
Leith DeaconUniversity of Alberta6180
Rebecca RetzlaffAuburn University6401
Andrew GreenleeUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign6110
Divya ChandrasekharUniversity of Utah6112
Bhuiyan AlamUniversity of Toledo6175
Zhongjie LinUniversity of Pennsylvania6222
Ryan GibsonUniversity of Guelph6127
Alan WiigUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston6583
Maggie CowellVirginia Tech6811
Carole VoulgarisHarvard University6102
Nicole NgoUniversity of Oregon6256
Bum Seok ChunTexas Southern University6378
Kristen CrossneyWest Chester University6148
Rebecca LewisUniversity of Oregon6142
Dawn JourdanTexas A&M University6109
Manish ShirgaokarUniversity of Colorado, Denver6175
Nicola UlibarriUC Irvine6180
Jane RongerudeIowa State University6226
Carolyn BallUniversity of Southern Maine6411
Sierra WoodruffTexas A&M University6219
Judith LongUniversity of Michigan6275
Ariel BierbaumUniversity of Maryland6212
Leah MeisterlinColumbia University6137
Orly LinovskiUniversity of Manitoba693
Mohammad GharipourMorgan State University6103
Daniel CampoMorgan State University6235
Enrica Dall’AraUniversity of Calgary6140
Asligul GocmenUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison6136
Amir HajrasoulihaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo6190
Greg GriffinUniversity of Texas, San Antonio6252
Matin KatiraiWest Chester University5104
Elsie Harper-AndersonVirginia Commonwealth University5195
Misun HurEast Carolina University5490
Willow Lung-AmamUniversity of Maryland577
Kathryn FrankUniversity of Florida5286
Gabriella CaroliniMIT5856
Samia KirchnerMorgan State University5107
Krystopher ChutkoUniversity of Saskatchewan586
Saurabh LallUniversity of Oregon5140
Megan HeckertWest Chester University5192
Na ChenUniversity of Cincinnati585
Meagan EhlenzArizona State University567
Kelly KinahanUniversity of Louisville5119
Ren ThomasDalhousie University568
Rachel BerneyUniversity of Washington5129
Alberto FuentesGeorgia Tech542
Emmanuel BoamahUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York584
Linda ShiCornell University5313
Biswa DasIowa State University5107
Kate LoweUniversity of Illinois, Chicago5108
Barbara WilsonUniversity of Virginia586
Timothy LeDouxWestfield State University5169
Greg NewmarkKansas State University5114
George DoughertyUniversity of Pittsburgh599
Gary TaylorIowa State University595
Devin BuntenMIT568
Kristin LarsenUniversity of Florida5116
Mi ShihRutgers University488
Jennifer MinnerCornell University484
Jordan YinAlabama A&M University4235
David EdelmanUniversity of Cincinnati486
Andrzej ZarzyckiNew Jersey Institute of Technology476
Jesus LaraOhio State University455
Theo LimVirginia Tech487
Dean AlmyUniversity of Texas, Austin430
Marcela RivasUniversity of Pittsburgh4115
Stephen BuckmanClemson University4284
Ning AiUniversity of Illinois, Chicago476
Kian GohUCLA4261
Hiba Bou AkarColumbia University492
Alvaro HuertaCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona444
Kathryn HowellVirginia Commonwealth University436
Taro NaraharaNew Jersey Institute of Technology464
Anna Livia BrandUniversity of New Orleans445
Teresa QuMichigan State University476
Suzanne CharlesCornell University470
Jean-Philippe MelocheUniversite de Montreal4171
Jason CharalambidesMorgan State University4235
Jessica SewellUniversity of Virginia496
Yan WangUniversity of Florida498
Evangeline LinkousUniversity of South Florida347
Albert HanUniversity of Texas, San Antonio3 18
Elora RaymondClemson University341
Melissa CurrieState University of New York at Albany326
Jesse LeCavalierNew Jersey Institute of Technology3173
Tom NarinsState University of New York at Albany372
Moises GonzalesUniversity of New Mexico344
Andrea RobertsTexas A&M University362
Sarah CooperUniversity of Manitoba317
Emre TepeUniversity of Florida319
Dave GuyadeenUniversity of Guelph360
Ashima KrishnaUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York313
Allison LassiterUniversity of Pennsylvania325
Eric StraussMichigan State University338
Sweta ByahutAuburn University317
Krista EvansMissouri State University316
Suwan ShenUniversity of Hawaii339
Atul PokharelNew York University328
Eric BardenhagenTexas A&M University332
Francesca AmmonUniversity of Pennsylvania348
Owen GutfreundHunter College3210
Joy FritschleWest Chester University359
Revel SimsUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison379
Bryce LoweryUniversity of Oklahoma364
Stephanie FrankUniversity of Missouri-Kansas314
Amber WoodburnOhio State University334
Anna Paula Pimentel WalkerUniversity of Michigan334
Dorothy DeweyWest Chester University346
Abhinav AlakshendraUniversity of Florida351
Camille BarchersUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst226
Jesus BarajasUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign229
Sai BalakrishnanHarvard University230
Darrel Ramsey-MusolfUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst220
Lily Baum PollansHunter College212
Aujean LeeUniversity of Oklahoma211
Delia WendelMIT211
Sara HamidehIowa State University211
Nicholas MarantzUC Irvine233
Mattijs MaasakkersOhio State University216
Todd EllisWestern Michigan University2241
Shelagh McCartneyRyerson University221
Gary AustinUniversity of Idaho2101
Marccus HendricksUniversity of Maryland218
Santina ContrerasOhio State University239
Seungbeom KangUniversity of Florida127
Kristin SkrabutTufts University18
Fayola JacobsUniversity of Minnesota13
Daniel KuhlmannIowa State University16
Lyndsey RolheiserRyerson University16

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Comparing Urban Planning Program Citation Levels

Using citation totals or averages for groups of scholars, especially academic programs, tends to favor larger and/or older faculties. A simple way to normalize program totals is factoring the number of total years of faculty experience for each (estimated by elapsed years since receiving terminal degree), and therefore, Total Citations / Total No. Years. In addition, squaring Total No. Years further controls for programs that are outliers in terms of faculty size or ages (older).

Compared to a previous top 10 listing of program citation levels (see: 2018 Urban Planning Citation Update), there are several noticeable differences. When normalizing by Total No. Years, Tufts, UBC, Minnesota, and McGill enter the top 10. And when, Total No. Years is squared it significantly changes the schools at the top with McGill, Tufts, UC Denver, Florida Atlantic, Minnesota, University of Pittsburgh, and San Jose State being included.

Your questions, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

UC Berkeley1694,428366258.00.70
Tufts University722,874115198.91.72
Arizona State University1244,139226195.30.86
University of British Columbia1453,418291183.50.63
University of Minnesota11382,65209183.00.87
McGill University613,43787154.41.77
Simon Fraser University1547,796333143.50.43
Harvard University1654,131425127.30.29
McGill University613,43787154.41.77
Tufts University722,874115198.91.72
University of Colorado, Denver58,51178109.11.39
University of Maryland711,870103115.21.11
Florida Atlantic University810,719103104.01.01
University of Minnesota1138,265209183.00.87
Arizona State University1244,139226195.30.86
University of Pittsburgh515,110141107.10.76
San Jose State University64,9478359.60.71
UC Berkeley1694,428366258.00.70
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